Kevin Page was on the original Dallas show that still resonates with people around the world.  Invited back for the current Dallas seasons, Kevin Page took on the role of Bum, J.R. Ewing’s closest friend.  One of the most iconic American phrases is “Who shot J.R.?”  In a tribute to Larry Hagman and a great honor to Kevin Page, Bum and J.R. collaborated in J.R.’s death and final revenge with Bum pulling the trigger.

The ultimate answer to who killed J.R. will always be Bum, played by Kevin Page in a brilliant performance.

A group of unknowing friends gathered at a modern home on Nonesuch Road, across the street from the Lakewood home of the late Stanley Marcus.

It was great fun to be at the viewing party of the final episode where beforehand Kevin Page made a very moving tribute to Larry Hagman, his acting genius, his kindness, and the fondness so much of the world had for him.