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Dr. Ronald Jones Gives Talk on Kennedy Assassination at SMU Town and Gown

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Dr. Ronald Jones, Chief of Surgery at Baylor University Medical Center and Now Residency Program Director Lectures on His Accounts During the Kennedy Assassination

Dr. Ronald Jones Seated Next to Douglas Newby at University Park

Dr. Jones seated next to Douglas Newby at the Town and Gown meeting at SMU located in University Park.

The year leading up to the 50th anniversary of the Kennedy assassination has brought forward many prominent and important Dallas citizens who have remembered and talked about the events of that memorable day fifty years ago including Dr. Ronald Jones who did the procedures on President Kennedy when he was brought to Parkland Hospital and Dallas civic leader and Mayflower Estates homeowner, Ruth Altshuler, who chaired this year-long event celebrating President Kennedy.

Earlier this month, I sat next to Dr. Jones at a Southern Methodist University Town and Gown dinner where Dr. Jones delivered a first-hand, insightful, and compelling talk on what transpired when he was called to the emergency room as a young thirty-year-old resident surgeon. It was a vastly interesting and deeply moving account from the man who would go on to become the chief of surgery at Baylor Medical Center and now director of its residency program.

This has been a year where Dallas has reflected on the history and grace of the city. The assassination of President Kennedy changed America and transformed Dallas as a community, pushing it towards being an even better city in the face of the harsh criticism it received at the time.

Dr. Jones Lectures on the Kennedy Assassination in University Park

Dr. Jones discussing his experiences treating President Kennedy in the trauma room at Parkland Hospital.

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Hugh Aynesworth Writes Defining Book on Kennedy Assassination

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50th Anniversary of Kennedy Assassination is Discussed at Events and Forums Across Dallas

November 22, 1963: WITNESS TO HISTORY

Hugh Aynesworth’s Book, “November 22, 1963: WITNESS TO HISTORY”, was unveiled at a home in the Bent Tree neighborhood. Hugh Aynesworth is an internationally respected and honored journalist who has collected good friends throughout his life. The combination of an incredible book that distills the Kennedy assassination and subsequent events in an accurate, detailed, and personal voice and the chance to see a long time friend packed the home in Bent Tree. This Bent Tree residence was a great location as people who had purchased arm-loads of books had a chance to enjoy the large home or go out onto the terrace overlooking the golf course. I first met Hugh Aynesworth shortly after college. I’ve watched his children grow up to be amazing people, and I’ve always enjoyed his friendship and insights.


Hugh Aynesworth as he’s being introduced before his remarks on “November 22, 1963: WITNESS TO HISTORY.”



Hugh Aynesworth ended up signing hundreds of books.


Robert W. Mong, Jr, Editor of the Dallas Morning News and his wife, Diane. Bob Mong has been instrumental with providing archival material for Hugh Aynesworth’s book and has orchestrated the incredible daily coverage of the events surrounding the Kennedy assassination in the Dallas Morning News for months leading up to the 50th anniversary of the assassination.

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