The Craighead-Green Gallery show of Lee Mascarenhas was filled with enthusiastic art patrons. The encaustic pieces sold out halfway through the opening, with many other art purchasers placing commissioned requests for new work by artist Lee Mascarenhas. Lee Mascarenhas, MD is both an anesthesiologist and a serious artist. His life has been filled with music and art. A Brazilian lineage and having architect designed residences in New Mexico, Dallas and New York provide a rich background and environment to draw from for his work. Lee Mascarenhas has been the recipient of prestigious art fellowships and workshops, furthering his definitive style and artistic expression.

The photographs show the large turnout for the show and the intense interest for this work. The multiple layers of wax and ink make striking paintings whether they are in subtle shades or bright colors, precise geometric patterns or organic shapes. We look forward to the next Lee Mascarenhas art opening.