Last winter, in a small urban garden in Munger Place, just over two miles from the Wyly Theatre and the Winspear Opera House in the Dallas Arts District, a Cooper’s Hawk landed in the middle of a small, aged metal birdbath, contemplating his next meal from a prolific variety of songbirds.  After successfully snaring a few in flight culminating in a melodious last gasp from the prey, the rest of the diverse flock moved to safer ground.  Finally, the songbirds returned as did a Great Egret that landed alongside a small koi pond, hunting its next meal.  The koi dived deep causing the egret to take a long legged walk over to an even smaller koi pond to target its prey with its long coiled neck swaying back and forth ready to strike.  Unsuccessful, the egret came back for another try the next morning.  These urban jungle trained koi were too mean, lean, and streetwise to succumb to this feathered predator and remain safe…for now.  The flowers were not so lucky.  Were they uprooted by raccoons or opossums?  It’s just another day in the jungle.